SNES Classic Edition officially announced — with Star Fox 2!

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Nintendo have finally revealed their new Classic Mini edition of history’s most iconic console: the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). The SNES Classic Edition will be released on September 29th in the US and Europe and will retail for $79.99 (or €79.99), which places it at the same price point as the Classic NES Mini.

SNES Classic Edition

There are two differences between this release and the previous one. The console will ship with a second controller included, so you don’t have to buy an extra one this time —  a great addition! And secondly, the console will feature only 21 games, compared to the 30 games that were included on the NES Classic.

The package will also include an HDMI-cable and a USB-cable. No AC adapter unfortunately, which is required to run the system.

If you’ve read the Obilisk my ultimate wishlist for the SNES Mini, you’ll know that they got the lineup just right, with a perfect mix of titles. They even put a surprise in with Star Fox 2, the game that was never released that will now be available for the first time to people outside of the development team.

There are also, as you’d expect, many classics included like Super Mario World, A Link to the Past, Super Metroid, Final Fantasy II and Mega Man X. They really put the best titles on their new mini version of the beloved SNES and it is only a few months away from being available.

Here are screenshots from the official Nintendo page with the complete line-up:

SNES Classic Edition

SNES Classic Edition

One last interesting fact: Did you know that the SNES design differs between the US and European market? I might be biased, but I do like the European version a bit better, as it looks a bit more adorable and less childish.

The SNES Classic Mini (US Version):

SNES Classic Edition

And the SNES Classic Mini (European Version):

SNES Classic Edition

Are you going to pre-order the new mini console? If we learned anything from the NES Classic, it’s that Nintendo apparently doesn’t make all that many of them and that you’d do well to pre-order one quickly lest you miss your chance.

If you want to pre-order, there is currently only one site called GAME offering it. More will be available soon!

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