PlayStation PlayLink: What is it all About?

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Throughout this article we’ll be having a look at Playstation’s PlayLink, a series of games designed to be played with groups of friends/family that are controlled by smartphones and tablets! We’ll be looking in particular at That’s You! (released July 4, 2017) and Hidden Agenda (released October 24, 2017).

The initial set up is very easy. Once you’ve loaded up your PlayLink title of choice, you download the partner app on your phone or tablet and follow along with the online instructions.

My first PlayLink experience was playing That’s You, developed by Wish Studios. Wish Studios are a UK based company who also created Knowledge is Power, another original PlayLink title. That’s You! is a party game where players are asked a series of questions about each other and must secretly answer who they think best fits each description. Points are then awarded when players agree upon choices. The questions are things like “Whose Birthday party would attract the most weirdos?” or “Who is most likely to get arrested in a foreign country?”

That’s You! boasts over 1000 questions, yet after a few playthroughs it can start to feel repetitive . For me the game really starts to come into it’s own with the picture rounds. These involve tasks such as taking a selfie and mimicking the picture on screen, striking a pose for the camera so the others can turn you into characters like a clown or a train driver, or the hilarious final round where all players take a selfie before the phones or tablets get passed around. A theme is set such as “Draw Steven as a Cowboy” and everyone then takes turns drawing on the image. The pictures are often far from aesthetically pleasing but the results are very, very funny!

That’s You! is a great party game ideal for a light-hearted evening with some friends or entertaining the kids for a few hours. There is even a filter to exclude some of the more grown up questions!

The second game I played was Hidden Agenda, developed by Supermassive Games. Supermassive are also UK based developers, and you’ll most likely know of them from the 2015 hit Until DawnHidden Agenda is described as a crime thriller and is designed again to be played within a group. Unlike That’s You! however, this game does allow you to play single-player if you so wish. The aim of the game is to hunt the infamous Trapper Killer. You use the partner app on your smart phone/tablet to navigate tough calls and make snap decisions as you wind your way to the truth.

Play in the party mode and you’ll each have an objective to work towards, but you won’t know if you are all working towards a common goal, or is someone working based on their own agenda. The experience is tense from the very beginning. The game opens with you taking control of a police officer answering a call regarding a disturbance at a house. It’s pouring rain, it’s late at night. Along with the bleak visuals, the thumping bass immediately puts you on edge of your seat, your finger itching to respond to the first command.

I look forward to playing Hidden Agenda in a larger group to really see the separate agendas in action and see how the storyline will change with the decisions made. I did find when playing as a duo that there was one issue with the game’s design. Decisions must be unanimous, so to decide whether to approach a topic cautiously or sarcastically, for example, the two players must both agree… which can lead to a stalemate until someone either relents or uses a “Take Over” card to force the decision to go their way.

All in all, PlayLink is an interesting concept and solves the problem of wanting to play multiplayer games but not having enough controllers to go around. Titles like That’s You! or Knowledge is Power are a great for parties and will definitely have everyone laughing and having a great time. Hidden Agenda, on the other hand, is ideal for a more serious get together if you’ve got a few people willing to sit and really play the game through.

PlayLink is a welcome addition to the PlayStation family for me as I’m always looking for good couch co-op titles, which tend to be few and far between these days. I don’t necessarily think that PlayLink will be taking over or anything, but as a relatively low-cost party addition (Roughly $15 per title) it’s a lot of fun.

What do you think of PlayLink?

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