PlayerUnknown’s BATTLEGROUNDS New Patch

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BATTLEGROUNDS, a large open-world scavenger game with a live play area that continually shifts, is PlayerUnknown’s next big thing. This game went live just three weeks ago. Today, a new patch is being released.

This game just went from pre-Alpha to Early Access and even in pre-Alpha was an extremely polished game.  Currently, BATTLEGROUNDS is one of the highest viewed and streamed games on Twitch. It’s only $3o on steam and seems to be a fantastic game even in the Early Access stage with a lot of room to grow.

This patch did a few amazing things for the game such as optimization for lower spec PCs as well as rendering large cities and structures at a more stable level improving overall framerates.

A new gun and car were added to the game as well as improvement to gameplay realism. Recoil patterns for assault rifles have been updated as well as some of the vehicles and how they lean and react to turns and terrain.

A big thing about this patch is that some guns were nerfed (mostly shotguns and assault rifles).  The idea was to allow for some closer gameplay as well as making players to work a little harder for their kills. The crossbow, which was a fan favorite, was added back into the game with this update as well. If you were to jump over to Twitch after reading this, you would see many players roaming the wasteland with their crossbows at the ready.

This game will easily be the next Rust, 7 Days to Die, and all those other indie scavengers combined. It has amazingly smooth gameplay for being in Early Access, an incredible base of steadily growing players, and a great price point of $30.

Will you be buying BATTLEGROUNDS? Let us know by joining the conversation on Twitter (though I personally might be too busy playing the game).

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