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Once upon a time, I spent $100 of my hard earned money on a game that promised to change video games forever. That game was Destiny. It was a shiny space shooter/RPG hybrid, made by the creators of my favorite FPS, Halo. It sounded like everything I could ever want in a game. And for a time, I was in love. I formed my fire team. I traversed the solar system, combating enemies of The Light. But then one day, it all came to a screeching halt.

I had reached level 28, which was the soft level cap at the time. I knew there was only one way to get past it. I would have to find a group of 5 other friends and attempt Destiny’s first raid, The Vault of Glass. I have to admit, The Vault of Glass is to this day one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had in any game. It had puzzles, mazes, bosses, and required precise teamwork. It was Destiny’s finest hour (or six). When I finally defeated Aetheon, I was overjoyed. That is, until I received my reward: Chatter White, an all white shader for my gear, was all the compensation that I received for an entire Saturday spent in combat. Not to be discouraged, I tried week after week to defeat the raid, hoping for gear to boost me over level 28. But my struggle was in vain. After 6 successful raids, I was never awarded a single armor piece. It was at this point that I abandoned all hope. Never before or since have I been so disappointed in a game. Most were luckier than I was, but many got stuck needing just one raid item that they could never get, which stranded them at level 29. This issue was even big enough to cause a wave of popular memes.

Image result for destiny forever 29 meme Eventually, expansions to the game changed the leveling system, which ended the “forever 29” club, but there would still be a soft level cap that required gear from the newest raid to surpass. And Destiny 2 has maintained this tradition, but in a slightly different way. Now there are soft level caps at every 5 light levels starting with 265. This is especially frustrating because the minimum recommended light requirement for the new raid is 270. So, how do you get past these new level caps? The only way is to complete special weekly challenges that are guaranteed to give you better gear than what you are wearing. It sounds easy enough, but the problem with these challenges is two fold. First, they are weekly challenges, meaning that once you finish them, you have to wait until next week to continue leveling. A game shouldn’t tell you which days you are allowed to progress. It’s your game, you should be able to do what you want, when you want. If you ask me, this is just a ploy to force you to keep playing long after the release.

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Here’s the second problem, the one that really frustrates me. Most of these challenges involve doing things that you can’t or just don’t want to do. You have the raid, which requires you to find 5 friends, or use an app or forum to collect 5 random people to complete it. It’s difficult for me to find 5 friends to do a raid with, so I’m often forced to do something that requires extreme teamwork and coordination with people with whom I have no rapport. Next we have the Crucible. I hate the Crucible with a passion, but I’d play a couple matches if I absolutely had to. The problem is that it’s not just a few matches that are required. And the more you lose, the more matches you have to complete. We also have the Nightfall mission, which is extremely difficult and requires you to again assemble a fire team on your own unless you have guide tickets, which you need a clan to accumulate.

None of these tasks are for the faint of heart, so Destiny 2 leaves you with only 3 options: give up, do them anyway (even if it means suffering through hours and hours of agonizingly frustrating gameplay), or complete the one and only challenge that can be completed on your own, and without a clan, for a powerful reward each week. I’ve chosen option 3, and additionally hope that Cayde 6’s treasure chests will award me a good item. I find myself trapped, not it a Forever 28 cycle, but in a new cycle that has me just barely inching up in power once a week.

Here’s what I think should be done. Every item should have it’s power scaled with you throughout the entire game. I’m more than fine with a maximum drop strength at or up to 5 over your current average. Even at your average, you will be able to make progress most of the time. Right now, all items drop below your average unless they are Exotic or Powerful Rewards/Radiant Engrams. Just that small change would give me some hope that I could progress by actually playing the game. Unless something like that happens soon, I will probably abandon Destiny 2 for exactly the same reason that I abandoned the original. Are any of you having trouble with Destiny 2leveling? Do you have tips or tricks for anyone who is? Drop a comment below to talk about this or anything else.

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Enjoyed the article.. I fully agree with you . I’m not a fan of getting rewarded with gear below your current level . I was stuck at 265 and was grinding the weeks challenges when a clan invited me . I’m not usually a fan of clans (too many rules and regulations and drama)… but I joined just to see what happens. Turned out the “Thor’s Hammer of Old clan is a new clan with only 5 people. Already maxed my weekly clan contribution and moved to 270 . Played a round or two with a clan member . So , maybe give a clan a shot. Or even form your own clan to see what happens ? Just a suggestion . Good article … Wrangleractual