Where Destiny went wrong and what Destiny 2 needs to improve on

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With Destiny 2 around the corner, now is the the perfect time to look back at its predecessor and see what needs to be done if the sequel is to avoid the fate of the original game.

While Destiny was by no means the worst game, nor was it a resounding success. Many players came into Destiny under the impression that it was going to be a massive and game-changing open-world first-person shooter that would shake up the industry. Unfortunately, once the game came out, consumers were faced with an underwhelmingly short story, boring and repetitive gameplay, and linear maps that restricted the player.

Not surprisingly, this left a bad taste in the mouths of many players. To bounce back after that disappointment, Destiny 2 needs to be more than just decent. It needs to be great. Because for many gamers that were disappointed by the original game, Destiny 2 is going to be a very hard sell.

So what exactly should Destiny 2 do differently to regain its lost fans? Let’s explore two major weaknesses of the original game that the sequel can improve on to clear its name.


Destiny’s story was underwhelming, repetitive, and worst of all, far too short. Most missions revolved around escorting your Ghost to an area where he would scan or hack a generic object while you defended him against waves of AI enemies.

To it’s credit, for a while I was intrigued by the original game’s lore. I wanted to know more about the universe. The problem, though, was that the game didn’t answer any of my questions. Instead if you wanted to know more about the Destiny universe you’d have to stop playing and look things up online. That’s incredibly disappointing, as any relevant information about the game should be included in the game itself, adding to the gameplay experience.

If Destiny 2 is going to redeem the franchise, it will have to do a better job of incorporating the lore of the universe into the game, and it will have to improve significantly on what was a very underwhelming story in the original game.


Many peoples’ perception pre-release was that Destiny would feature large-scale open planets that we could freely roam around. At the very least players expected large areas that could be explored.

However, what we got instead were small, linear areas connected by even smaller passageways that were usually some sort of canyon or enclosed group of buildings. It was all so closed-in. On the horizon you could see breathtaking open areas taunting you, begging you to explore them, but the game always kept you locked inside its linear play-area.

Destiny 2 needs to include less restrictive areas if it’s to make a comeback. It’s the kind of game that would benefit greatly from having a more open world. Locking players into linear areas will only hold the game back from reaching its true potential.

If Destiny 2 can improve on these things, I think we’ll get the game that the first installment was supposed to be. For now all we can do is wait for new information, and hope that Bungie has learned from the last game.

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