Champions get schooled by devs after Nintendo’s tournaments

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Nintendo is tripling down on the competition aspect of their games, establishing a well-respected esports community around the Nintendo Switch console.

After the Splatoon 2 tournament, we saw some amazing gameplay with the two other open invitational tournaments featuring the new Pokken Tournament DX and the upcoming ARMS.

What the participants didn’t know was that the champions of each tournament would face up against the people who helped build those games.

Check out how this turned out below!

Pokken Tournament DX champions face off against developers (33:00)

The final fight took place between Pokken Tournament DX champions MatPak (fighting with Empoleon) and Allister Singh (playing as Pikachu) fighting the developers of the game Suzaki-San (Croagunk) and Hoshino-San (Charizard).

The earlier rounds of the tournament were child’s play compared to the show the developers put on. In the first battle between MatPak and Suzaki-San, you can see immediately that the seemingly inferior character Croangunk played by Suzaki-San creates serious problems for MatPak’s Empoleon. Suzaki-San’s technically tight and unpredictable fighting style makes it hard for MatPak to land a punch. Croangunk even evades Bust Moves with ease and counters heavily. The fight is over within 3 minutes, and MatPak can’t even win one round against the developer.

The second round, with Allister facing Hoshino-San, starts out a bit different. Charizard seems to be too slow to catch Pikachu and takes a lot of punishment. The first round goes to Allister. The next fight changes the pace completely. Hoshino-San blasts Pikachu away and lands three throws with massive damage. Allister loses this round. The final fight is a bit more well rounded, but it seems that Hoshino-San just plays with Allister for a while before gaining the upper hand and comfortably ending the fight.

The champions took their losses with a lot of respect for the developers and simply looked relieved that the fight was over. The enigmatic Suzaki-San and Hoshino-San didn’t show much emotion. It was an impressive showcase of how much player skill can differ, even in a simple fighting game like Pokken Tournament DX.

ARMS tournament champion gets “zerk-rushed” by producer Yabuki (24:00)

Zerk, the winner of the ARMS Invitational Tournament, is surprised as he suddenly realizes that after an intensive fight against his finals opponent SkyWardWing, he is challenged to take on the game’s producer Yabuki-San.

Yabuki-San, unphased by the fact he is now playing against the champion of the tournament dominates the first round with Min Min against Zerk’s Master Mummy. Zerk was wiping the floor with his opponent SkyWardWing moments before but now seems helpless against Yabuki-San, who throws a barrage of far throws at him, dodges his super-attacks and throws him around. The movement of Min Min is on another level compared to what we’ve seen before in the tournament: he is so fast, precise and agile that Zerk doesn’t even land a decent hit in the first round.

In the second round, Yabuki-San takes the fan favorite Twintelle against Zerk’s decision to go with Spring Man. Yabuki-San moves even faster with Twintelle and makes use of her ability to stop time a little bit to evade almost every attack. The round looks more like a dance-off than anything else. Zerk does get some more punches in this time around, but still stands no chance. Yabuki-San wins.

Great show from Nintendo

Nintendo is responsible for some of the best moments of E3 2017, from their Spotlight presentation to their Treehouse streams and the tournaments, we were treated to a constant stream of new info, gameplay, and adrenaline.

If you are a fan of competitive video gaming, be sure to check out the tournament footage above and on Nintendo’s channel. There are some great moments captured.

Now, there’s nothing left to do other than to eagerly await the release of the showcased games.We won’t have to wait for long though:

ARMS will release this Friday, June 16th, Splatoon 2 shortly after on July 21st, and last but not least, Pokken Tournament DX will release on September 22nd.

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