Celebrating 6 Months of Obilisk

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Hello everyone!

Moe here. We don’t typically publish posts like these, but seeing as it’s been about half a year since Obilisk really got serious, I figured it was a great time to look back at what we’ve accomplished in the last 6 months and give thanks to the incredible community we’ve built.

I started Obilisk by myself back in early 2017, wanting at first to build a site focused on esports. Funny enough, if you go through our archives all the way to the earliest posts, you’ll find content discussing only esports. Why delete those posts, right?

Anyways, after some time going it alone and covering esports, I realized I desperately wanted to cover the games industry as a whole. Of course, I didn’t want to make a site that was like any other video game “news and reviews” site, so I set my sights on creating something truly unique. After giving it some thought, the Obilisk mission statement was born. “Much more than just news and reviews” became our motto, and it’s defined our content ever since.

It wasn’t long before (much to my surprise) the Obilisk team grew to include a handful of other passionate gamers and writers. I never really expected to get much help running the site — I was fully prepared to do all the work myself. Yet somehow I was lucky enough to end up with a diverse and talented team, 15-strong and constantly growing.

I owe these guys a ton. There’s no way Obilisk would be where it is today if it weren’t for the work they’ve put into creating the in-depth content we’re known for. Thank you to Alex, Sebastian, Ken, Hailey, Sarah, Ashley, Hannah, John, Owain, Bryan, Thomas, Ben, Mickey, and Heather. You guys are amazing. If you’re reading this and you haven’t followed them all on Twitter yet, what are you doing? Get a grip! Head over to our team page where their twitter handles are linked and say hi!

I also have to thank our readers, and this is on behalf of the entire team. We’ve built a fantastic little community over these past 6 months, and I know I speak for all of us when I say it’s a joy to chat with you guys on Twitter and Facebook about our articles and the games we’re playing. Some of you guys have been around since May, while others have become fans of Obilisk just recently. We’re grateful to all of you. It goes without saying that Obilisk wouldn’t exist without you guys. Thank you!

We’ve published over 300 articles in these 6 months, and almost all of them have stayed true to our mission statement. These efforts have allowed us to establish ourselves as a legitimate part of the games industry. A small part, of course, but it’s a start I’m incredibly proud of, and I think the sky is the limit for us. If we’ve accomplished this much in only 6 months, I believe everything from the growth of our community to the quality of our content can improve drastically over the next half a year and onwards. The games industry is young, and Obilisk has every intention of growing with it for as long as possible. I hope you guys will stick with us as our journey continues!

To close out this post, I’d like to list some of our most popular articles. These are the pieces that you guys read, liked, and retweeted the most!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt — The Greatest Game Ever Made

In my *very humble* opinion, this is the best article we’ve ever published. The fact that it’s my favorite game and that I spent months writing this one myself have nothing to do with my opinion of it! 😉

Video Game Narratives: What Game Devs Can Learn From Persona 5

One of our earliest posts by Alex, one of our editors. We still share this one to this day because of how much folks enjoy it!

Why Couch Co-op Still Matters

Another Obilisk classic, this time by Sebastian. A great article discussing good old couch co-op.

Long Live the PlayStation Vita

An epic and moving article discussing the rise and fall of the PlayStation Vita. Cyprus decided to move onto new things, so he isn’t with us anymore, but his legacy lives on through this incredible article.

Playing the anti-hero: why it feels so good to be bad

An insightful read by Hailey discussing the rise in popularity of playing as an anti-hero rather than a typical hero. If you haven’t read this yet, you’re missing out!


Pokemon: Of all the 802, Magikarp, I still choose you

A funny, honest, and inspiring piece by Ken that talks about some of his personal struggles and why Magikarp is his favorite Pokemon. A must read.

Fallout 4

The Difficulty of Role Playing in Fallout 4

An interesting read discussing a very interesting topic by Thomas. If you’re a fan of Bethesda’s RPGs, you won’t want to miss this one.

Why Spider-Man is the most important game of 2018

An article by Owain that you guys seem to have absolutely loved. I suppose that’s not too surprising though — we all love Spider-Man, and Owain did a brilliant job of explaining why this game is so important.

Some Games Are Just Asking For “Rule 34”

A hilarious piece by Ashley about… you know… 😛

This is the BioWare we want back

A recent post by Hannah discussing how BioWare has changed in recent years. It’s no surprise this article was so popular, as so many of us feel the same as Hannah.

Why “Brick and mortar” Stores Hinder Gaming

Another recent piece this time by Bryan discussing his painstaking journey to get his hands on a PS Vita and how traditional game stores are dying out.

That’s all! We’ve had tons of popular articles, but these are the ones that you guys seem to have enjoyed the most.

Once again, thank you all for your continued support. Obilisk’s journey has only just begun, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store!

Thanks for reading!

— Moeen Eshraghi, Obilisk Founder

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Also, The Witcher 3 is the greatest game ever made.

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