Blizzard is raising prices in Hearthstone and the community isn’t happy about it

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Blizzard has announced that it will raising the cost of packs in regions outside of the Americas as of March 22, 2017. This means that if you’re looking to pre-purchase packs for the upcoming expansion — Journey to Un’Goro — you won’t be affected by the increase.

The change will affect many international currencies at varying rates. Below is an example of this outlining how it will affect the euro.

  • 2 Packs – 2.99 €
  • 7 Packs – 9.99 €
  • 15 Packs – 19.99 €
  • 40 Packs – 49.99 €
  • 60 Packs – 69.99 €
  • Adventure Wing – 6.99 €
  • Arena Ticket – 1.99 €

Does Blizzard have good reason for the price increase? Here’s what a staff member had to say about the change in the original post:

“We regularly look at our pricing around the world, and from time to time we make changes such as these to align with local and regional market conditions.”

Not surprisingly, the Hearthstone community doesn’t feel like the above justifies demanding more money of them. Players have made it clear that they’re outraged by the changes — especially those from the UK that have been hit particularly hard.

Reddit user Mestyo said the following: “…seriously? I’ve been thinking Blizzard would need to drop the prices to keep players around – especially with 3 expansions a year coming up…” Others agreed with what seems to be the biggest point of contention regarding the increase.

Blizzard is putting out more and more cards, making the game increasingly more difficult to keep up with due to the sheer number of packs one needs to open to keep up with the game’s ever-changing meta. They’ve announced that this year they’ll be releasing three entirely new expansions — more than ever before. With these upcoming price changes, and three expansions that enthusiast players will have to dive into to stay competitive, it’s easy to see why people are unhappy with the state of the game.

With that being said, a closer look at Blizzard’s prices over the years may reveal some justification for the upcoming change. Another Reddit user took the time to analyze Hearthstone’s prices in different regions from the game’s launch until now. The user’s post along with much of the discussion that followed shed some light on the situation that could justify Blizzard’s actions. Any information or conclusions from either side should be taken with a grain of salt, though, as nothing is guaranteed to be accurate.

One thing is certain: regardless of whether or not the upcoming price increase if fair, many feel that Hearthstone’s prices were excessive in the first place. It’s no secret that to compete in Hearthstone’s high rankings you need to have an impressive collection of cards. And unless you’ve got a lot of time to earn in-game gold, you’ll have to buy packs with your own hard-earned cash. This has been a long-standing issue with many players, and if Blizzard’s upcoming price increase is any indication, things could be getting worse.

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