Bethesda’s Creation Club is terribly anti-consumer

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When Bethesda first announced Creation Club, I was one of the people who thought it was too early to get up in arms towards it. However, now that it has been out for a while, it’s clear to see how terribly anti-consumer it is. With the announcement of the content coming to Skyrim’s Creation Club, it would seem Bethesda haven’t been listening to the fans. Not one item on Creation Club so far is worth the money, especially with free mods that do so much more and look so much better.

The biggest offender from Creation Club recently is Skyrim’s Survial Mode.  This was first teased during the announcement of Creation Club back at E3, and shown to cost 500 credits, but it has since then been raised to 800 credits (although it is free for a week).

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This is a particularly big problem because of how the credits system works (pictured below).

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Survival Mode is priced at 800 credits, which is only 50 credits above the lowest amount of credits you can buy, forcing you to buy the $14.99 option, giving you 1500 credits. If you ask me, this pricing system isn’t fair. It feels like they’re trying to squeeze as much money as possible out of the consumer by making Survival Mode just out of reach of the lowest tier. Admittedly, this is a problem that exists in many systems where you buy a type of currency with real money, but that doesn’t make it okay.

Another example of this in Creation Club is the Doom armor and the Doom BFG in Fallout 4, which are each 400 credits.

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If you want these two items (that should be sold together anyways, I think), you will need to buy 1500 credits, equaling $14.99. All because, yet again, the 750 credits option is a mere 50 credits short. If Bethesda got rid of this credit system and had you just pay for the content you want, it would help Creation Club’s reputation immensely though there would still be other major concerns.

Now, let’s go back to Skyrim’s Survival Mode. This mode isn’t worth $5.00, let alone the $15.00 that you will need to pay to get enough credits for it. First off, a bit over a year ago, Fallout 4’s survival mode was released in a free update. And for the most part these two modes are essentially the same, with the biggest difference being that, in Skyrim’s Survival Mode, you will need to stay warm. Second, there are free mod alternatives that have been out for years. Frostfall and iNeed are two mods that, when combined, are very similar to Survival Mode.

Again, these are both free mods, so you can instead spend the $14.99 needed for Survival Mode on a great indie game like Stardew Valley or Golf Story, or a classic game you might have missed like Knights of the Old Republic. You could even get games from Bethesda’s past like The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion or Fallout 3, supporting the company in the best way. Heck, The Witcher 3’s Blood And Wine expansion, which is its own game, is only $4.99 more!

Bethesda’s decision to move ahead with Creation Club despite substantial uproar from fans has seriously hurt the company’s reputation. So much so, in fact, that Fallout 4’s overall Steam rating has dropped to “Mixed,” with recent reviews sitting at “Overwhelmingly Negative.” Both of these review categories once sat at “Positive” or higher. While we aren’t in any way advocating for review bombing, it’s no surprise to see this happening.

So, is all hope lost? No. But many fans are quickly losing faith in Bethesda, and things will only get worse if the company doesn’t listen to the community. I mean, are they seriously expecting us to pay for mudcrab armor? I hope not.

Hopefully the next time Creation Club is in the news it’s for a positive reason, like the removal of the credits system or more pro-consumer decisions. If their next game launches with Creation Club in this state, it will surely hurt sales. A bit of extra money in the short term isn’t worth sacrificing the hard-earned respect of fans worldwide.

So please fix Creation Club, Bethesda, and most importantly, listen to your fans.

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I wish you mentioned all this DLC is already downloaded and installed with the update. So this is on disk dlc on your PC (or console) which is way worse than having this shitshow of a microtransaction system.