The games industry has come a long, long way since brave companies like Atari, Blizzard, and Nintendo built its foundation so many years ago.

These days we have epic, 100-hour role-playing games. We have massive online games with player subscriptions numbering in the millions. We have competitive esports communities growing so quickly they’re threatening traditional sports. We have lighthearted, colorful games for youngsters and grim, brutal games for older players. Hell, at this point, we even have virtual reality games.

All of this, and the industry is only just beginning to establish itself. The current generation of young people are the first to truly embrace gaming and all it has to offer, and you’d better believe they’re going to pass on their passion to their kids when the time comes. And with such an increase in demand, we’re only going to see more and more incredible games being made as we move forward.

I decided to create Obilisk because there’s so much in this industry worth sharing and so much worth talking about. But I know what you’re thinking — “What makes Obilisk any different from all the other sites out there?

The answer to this question has two parts, and it defines what Obilisk is about at its core.

We’re about video game culture, not just the games

These days the games industry is about much more than just video games.

We want to talk about Twitch/Youtube and the role these entertainment platforms play in the industry. We want to talk about developers, both big and small, and how and why they make games. We want to talk about conventions and expos and admire the in-depth panels and incredible cosplay they feature. We want to talk about anime, movies, comics, and so on — all things that are closely tied to games. We want to talk about traditional games like Dungeons & Dragons. We want to talk about technology: the hardware in PCs and consoles, virtual reality, the programs used by devs, and more. We even want to talk about the games media itself.

In short, we want to look at all of it — everything that’s a part of video game culture. As our slogan says, we’re concerned with “much more than just news and reviews”. And that leads us to the second point…

We’re honest and critical, no matter what

In my opinion, this is the most important part of Obilisk. We’re always going to do our best to be honest and objective, even if it makes us unpopular at times. And we’re always going to break things down and look at things critically, even if it bores some people or scares some away.

The content you find here will stand out because we won’t be afraid of controversy. And we won’t be afraid to talk about things in an elevated manner, even if simple ‘click-bait’ articles tend to lead to greater success in the media world. You’ll find lots of candid views and long, meaty articles here.

That being said, we’ll still do the usual news and reviews. Our site will be lively and lighthearted; we aren’t looking to be the bad guys. I just want to make it clear that, unlike much of today’s media, we don’t want to be superficial in anyway. We want to create honest and in-depth content, no matter what.

I hope that, for many of you, Obilisk becomes the number one place you go to for your fill of games culture. I plan on pouring my heart and soul into this site for many years to come — hopefully for my entire life, actually — and believe that with the help of other passionate gamers we’ll be able to build a truly special platform that will play a positive role in this wonderful industry.

Thanks for reading!

— Moeen Eshraghi, Obilisk Founder