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5 games I wanted but didn’t get at E3 2017

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So, yet another Electronic Entertainment Expo (or E3, for short) has come and gone! And with it, a plethora of games that we now can’t wait to play, others that we’re ok waiting for, and some that we don’t really care about.

Each gamer has his/her own preferences when it comes to what they got and how they feel about this year’s E3. Sure, most of us feel happy about certain titles like Dragon Ball FighterZ or Super Mario Odyssey, or that new Pokemon RPG or even that epic Beyond Good & Evil 2 trailer. However, in the exact same way, some of us may not have gotten what we wanted from E3 2017, and it’s alright to feel a little disappointed by that fact.

For me personally, this year lacked that “wow!” factor, that one announcement that would get me off my seat and make me not know what to do with myself. I enjoyed the Dragon Ball FighterZ trailer during the Microsoft conference, but I didn’t find it mind-blowing. There were a few titles that I was really looking forward to seeing at this year’s E3 yet, unfortunately, they failed to make an appearance.

Here are my top 5 games that I wish would’ve appeared at E3 2017!

E3 2017

5) Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar is a company that follows its own rules. So, the fact that they decided to announce the sequel to their highly renowned western series Red Dead Redmption at some random time should come as no surprise. However, it would’ve been nice to see this game live in action at E3. The first title gave such an amazing open world and a truly unforgettable story, so its intriguing, to say the least, to see what the second game will have in store for us.

Originally slated for a September 2017 release, the game was recently pushed back to Spring 2018. Considering Rockstar’s undeniable success with titles such as Grand Theft Auto VRed Dead Redemption 2 should really be a sight for sore eyes. Guess our eyes will have to wait a bit longer though, since the game didn’t grace us with its presence at this year’s E3.

E3 2017

4) Shenmue III

I need to come clean here. I don’t know much about Shenmue. I haven’t played I or II. However the unbelievable reaction of the crowd when even the slightest possibility of a third sequel was announced, combined by the overwhelming support this game received on its Kickstarter campaign (it raised the money it needed in just a few hours!), have undoubtebly piqued my interest.

I want to know what it is that people are so hyped up about. If I’ve been missing something, I want to be a part of it. That’s what I feel everytime I see or hear anything about Shenmue III now. I was hoping to learn more about it at this year’s E3, however, shortly before the event, it was announced that the game won’t be coming out until the Fall of 2018.

E3 2017

3) Death Stranding

I have no idea what is going on inside the mind of that incredible genius, Hideo Kojima. (In fact, according to a recent interview of his, neither do a lot of the people that he works with!) I don’t know what sort of game this is going to be. Is it going to be political like his previous franchise (you know the one), or will it delve into other other themes? Will the action gameplay will incorporate elements of other genres like strategy or stealth?

All I do know at this point is that the few trailers we’ve gotten from this game are very mysterious and seem to be able to draw viewers in. What could be the connection between all this? Why is there a baby in almost every trailer? What is going on in this world? And how many more celebrities will be put in this game by the time it comes out? Unfortunately, those are questions that were to remain unanswered at this year’s E3, since according to Kojima himself, there’s still a lot of work to be done on Death Stranding.

E3 2017

2) The Last Of Us Part 2

When I initially saw the announcement for this title back at the end of PSX 2015, I realized it meant something special for the ones that played the first game. So I decided to pick it up for myself and see what all the fuss was about. Despite my dislike for anything that has to do with the horror genre, I stuck with it till the end, because it didn’t feel like just mindlessly shooting the heads off of zombies like most games. It gave me a cause. I wanted to see this father-daughter relationship develop in this world full of despair.

And so, without even knowing it, I got hooked. And now I’m one of the many, sitting here, waiting for the next trailer to drop. Which will be even longer it seems, since The Last Of Us Part 2 wasn’t at this year’s E3 and there doesn’t seem to be much reason other than the fact that Sony purposely held out on us.

E3 2017

1) Final Fantasy VII Remake
I’ll never forget it. That night back during E3 2015. Rumors and speculation kept pouring in, but I refused to believe any of it. Maybe because I understood the scale of the project and what it meant for all of us that played the original back when it first came out. Or more likely because, deep down, I didn’t want to risk getting disappointed.

And then… boom! Cloud shows up out of nowhere, bearing his iconic Buster Sword. Final Fantasy VII Remake announced! A dream come true. There are so many reasons why I simply cannot wait to get my hands on this game. I can’t even number them. This is the game that got me into the franchise. This is the game that made me buy a PlayStation. This is the game that I’ve played the most from the PlayStation era. I used to dream of what this game would be like in 3D as I was playing. Sure, the movie came out, but it wasn’t the same.

For a lot of people, this is the one game we want the most. Out of everything. So, to find out not only that it won’t be at this year’s E3, but that we might actually have to wait another three years until we even get the first part of it, is like a shot to the heart. But if it’s worth it in the end, we’ll be more than happy to wait!

Bonus: Final Fantasy XVI

Okay, I know it’s cheating adding an extra title in your top 5 and double cheating adding two from the same franchise, but bear with me. I’ve had a hunch for a while now that Square Enix have been developing the sixteenth iteration of their flagship franchise in secret, and there are a number of factors that point to this.

I was confident that my suspicions would be confirmed at this year’s E3, but alas, that was not meant to be. However, since I wrote this, let me give you my reasoning behing this and feel free to let me know if you agree with me or not. The first reason was the creation of FF XII: The Zodiac Age. The director of the original and longtime developer of many Final Fantasy titles, Hiroyuki Itou, has not made any public appearances, despite multiple mentions of his name. Back at E3 2013, brand manager Shinji Hashimoto was asked about him and the answer he gave was that “he is working on another important project for us.”

E3 2017

The second reason is the confirmation that the series will continue. It was said in an interview that, had Final Fantasy XV underperformed in sales, there were thoughts of stopping the mainline series altogether. However, the game overwhelmed even its creators with its numbers (5 million in its first weekend!), so they have given the green light to proceed with any future projects.

Finally, the 30th anniversary of the franchise. It would be shocking for Square Enix to not show us “the future of Final Fantasy” at some point, and considering the only games they have planned after the summer are Final Fantasy VII Remake and Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, it would make a lot of sense if at some point during the year they revealed Final Fantasy XVI.

There you have it! 5+1 games I would’ve liked to have seen at E3 2017. However, the fact that they didn’t show up just means that I have more to look forward to in the future. Also, there were a ton of games that I did like at this year’s show, some of which even surprised me. But that’s a disussion for another time.

What were some of the titles you wanted to see at E3 2017? Let us know on Twitter!

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