2018 is already shaping up to be a great year for gamers

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After E3 and some other recent events (such as EVO or D23), it seems game developers have showed their hands and exposed all their well-kept secrets (well, not all of them, but anyway). We now know of the titles that will be filling the gaming calendar for at least the next year. And, in a pleasant twist, most of the titles shown off at this year’s E3 have a release span of one year. So pretty much everything we saw will be on store shelves by this time next year!

Checking out the list of titles that are said to hit the stores and our consoles no later than 2018, one cannot help but get excited. Well-known favorite franchises making are their long-awaited returns, new IPs that seem to have a lot of potential are in the works, and many charming smaller titles have captured the hearts of players. There’s something for everyone within the gaming year of 2018 and we’re still only half way through 2017!

Let’s take a closer look at some of those titles. We’ll start off with some of the returning franchises, such as…

Red Dead Redemption 2: The sequel to the phenomenal western title by developer Rockstar Games. It was initially slated for a September 2017 release, however they decided to push it back to early 2018 in order to make a better experience for all of us. A little bit of wait, a lot of win!

Kingdom Hearts 3: After 13 years (if you haven’t played the tie-in games), players will finally get to reunite with Sora, Riku and Kairi! Recently announced to be released within 2018, don’t be surprised if it does get pushed to early ’19, however producer Tetsuya Nomura seems confident!

Far Cry 5:  The return of one of Ubisoft’s greatest franchises. This iteration will take place in Hope County, Montana, where a fanatical religious cult has taken control of the area.

God Of War: Kratos returns! This time he heads to the north as he and his son Arteus try to overcome the inhumane obstacles in their path. Sony’s Santa Monica Studios seek to outdo themselves yet again with this title.

Shenmue 3: It has been announced that the return of the Shenmue franchise will occur sometime during the fall of 2018. The overwhelming support this title received during its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter when it was first announced was nothing short of mind-blowing. A lot of people are anticipating this one!

Spider-Man: The return of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is scheduled for sometime within 2018 as well! A game developed by Insomniac Games that features awesome graphics and incredibly fun gameplay, not to mention my potentially new favorite Spidey in Yuri Lowenthal. There’s not many reasons not to be excited for this one!

There will, of course, also be entirely new titles coming out by the end of 2018 for people that are fed up with all the same stuff. Here are a couple notable examples.

Anthem: This brand new title from EA and BioWare promises an incredible open world that’s free for us to explore with our friends through multiplayer. The visuals are simply too good to be true, which is why for this particular case, I personally am a little bit skeptical about whether or not it can keep its promises. Hopefully it can and we will all be winners.

Detroit: Become Human: An interesting suggestion by the team at Quantic Dream for this title that wonders, “What if world order was maintained by androids?” Surely a title that no one would want to miss as the production quality looks just as great as the intriguing story.

And finally, some franchises that are making a comeback, but have more focused audiences and might not be for everyone.

Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom: Yet another game that was meant to be released this year, Bandai Namco just recently announced that they were pushing it back a couple of months to tweak it a little. The original was considered a “love letter” to old RPGs both with its story and the way it played, and so now a lot of people are looking forward to its return.

Monster Hunter World: The Monster Hunter franchise finally makes its way to the PS4 and Xbox One consoles! A series that many players adore, mostly in Japan but with a lot of fans in the West as well, this was something a lot of people were craving. And now, their wish has been granted!

Shadow Of The Colossus Remake: Just as the name suggests, this is a remake of the original PS2 title by famous developer Fumito Ueda and Team ICO. Of course, he will not be as involved in the project but he has stated that, since this is a remake and not just a simple remaster, there will be some changes made to the game.

Dragonball FighterZ: Goku and co. are returning in this 2.5D brawler made by Arc System Works. There have been other Dragonball games before. In fact, Xenoverse 2 is out right now and people are playing it. However, what has generated this much hype for FighterZ is (definitely not the god awful name) the fact that movements are copied inch for inch from the anime/manga. It truly feels like being a part of the experience!

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: A game that many players had been asking to come to home consoles is finally being ported. Players will get the chance to duke it out using their favorite Final Fantasy characters in this 3-on-3 brawler, developed in conjunction by Square Enix and Team Ninja. Who would win in a battle between Cloud Strife and Noctis? Guess it’s time to find out!

Are you seeing this list? All these fantastic games are slated for release no later than 2018! And the year isn’t over yet, so we can’t rule out the possibility of even more announcements (like The Last Of Us Part 2 for example). The game industry is on fire right now, and it seems that flame won’t be dying out anytime soon.

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